Meeting with partners from India

A meeting with Excel Ishan, the University’s partner for international student recruitment, was held at Vernadsky CFU. The event was attended by: Prof. Sergey Donich, Rector of Vernadsky CFU, Prof. Sergey Yurchenko, Vice-Rector for International Activities and Information Policy, Dr. Amreek Singh, Director of Excel Ishan India, Dr. Paramdeep Singh, Director of Excel Ishan Russia, and Dr. Vikash Pilania, Assistant Director of Excel Ishan Russia.

In the course of the meeting the sides discussed a number of issues relating to international students, and outlined the cooperation agenda for the coming year.

Dr. Amreek Singh expressed his sincere appreciation to the leadership of Vernadsky CFU and to Rector Sergey Donich personally. At the conclusion of the meeting, the two sides exchanged gifts and posed for pictures.

DSC00683 IMG_0333