Management & Governance



  • IMG_6535-1 Rector — Sergey Donich
  • First Vice-Rector — Yelena Chuyan
  • Vice-Rector for Organizational and Legal Affairs — Vladimir Mikheyev
  • Vice-Rector for Learning and Teaching — Vladimir Kuryanov
  • Vice-Rector for Business and Finance — Tatyana Barkova
  • Vice-Rector for Facilities Management and Infrastructure Development – Aleksandr Stoyanov
  • Vice-Rector for Research – Sergey Fedorkin
  • Vice-Rector for Social and Youth Policy – Yevgeniy BubnovVice-Rector for Innovations and Long-Term Development – Vladimir Polishchuk
  • Vice-Rector for International Activities and Information Policy – Sergey Yurchenko

Supervisory Board

Academic Board

Departments and Offices

  • Department for Education and Training
  • Department for International Activities and Information Policy
  • Department for Innovations, Investments, Information Technologies, and Audit
  • Department for Land and Property Relations, and Infrastructure Development
  • Comprehensive Safety Department
  • Office for Construction, Renovation, Improvement and Amenities Works
  • Operations and Maintenance Office
  • Finance and Planning Department
  • Department for Quality Control Management and Projects
  • Department for Legal and Human Resource Affairs
  • General Affairs Office
  • Department for Social and Youth Policy
  • Department for Science and Research
  • Security Office
  • Public Procurement Support Office
  • Centralized Accounting Office
  • Admissions Office
  • Admissions Office
  • Project Office