Department of Academic Affairs


The Department of Academic Affairs includes the following offices and divisions: 

Office of Education and Training

Office of Education Development

The Department of Academic Affairs supports the work of the faculty and oversees all academic-related activities: the University curriculum and new curricular initiatives; support for faculty research and teaching; administration of all academic programmes of secondary vocational, higher, and additional education. 

The Department of Academic Affairs is responsible for:

  • strategic planning and programmatic development
  • coordinating and supporting licensing and accreditation of academic programmes
  • ensuring compliance of the University policies and procedures with federal and accreditation regulations that impact the academic area
  • developing strategies for providing high quality programmes
  • working with faculty, department chairs and deans to spur innovative changes in the science and curricula
  • facilitating faculty development
  • assessment activities across the University’s academic departments
  • promoting implementation of best national and international practices in education